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Evaluation of the Railway Safety Management Level

Evaluation of the Railway Safety Management Level

TS evaluates the railway safety management level for parties such as railway operators to improve the railway safety management level through their voluntary safety management.


Railway operators and facilities manager with approved railway safety management system

Level evaluation procedure

Quantitative evaluation
  • Up to the end of March of the following year when the collection of data such as accident indexes and safety investment performance are completed
Qualitative evaluation
  • Establishing a safety management (maturity) evaluation plan and interviewing staff
Establishing and notifying the evaluation plan
  • Deadline : 20 days prior to evaluation (TS → Subject organization)
Notify interviewees and submit review materials
  • Deadline: 10 days prior to interview (Subject organization → TS)
Selecting interviewees
  • Deadline: 5 days prior to interview (TS → Subject organization)
  • Interviewing staff members (Determining awareness of the rail safety management system and level of action per review item)
Consolidating the results
  • Consolidating the interview results and recording the review results per system and test item
Reporting results
  • By end of March of each year (TS → Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport)