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About TS

Traffic Safety Administrator Qualification Test

Traffic Safety Administrator Qualification Test

Providing qualifications to those with professional knowledge and skills with regard to traffic safety so that they will be placed in traffic safety jobs in the transport industry and to prevent accidents and contribute to the protection of life and property of the people

Responsibilities of the Traffic Safety Administrator

  • Enforcing traffic safety regulations and preparing/maintaining related records
  • Supervising safety inspection and providing related instructions on the operation and/or navigation of vehicles
  • Taking the necessary measures for the safe operation of vehicles depending on the road, rail, seaway, and climate conditions
  • Identifying the working conditions and status of drivers and conducting traffic safety training
  • Investigating and analyzing traffic accidents and keeping related records
  • Checking and managing driving records containing data such as operational conditions of the vehicle and situational parameters in case of an accident

Field of qualification

Road, Rail, Air, Port, Cableway

Qualification process

Qualification process Qualification process


Those without any grounds for disqualification as per Paragraph 3, Article 53 of the Traffic Safety Act

Grounds for disqualification

  • A quasi-incompetent person or an adult requiring guardianship due to physical/mental disability
  • Those sentenced to prison or harsher punishment, and 2 years have not passed from the last date of its enforcement or the date of exemption
  • Those sentenced to prison or harsher punishment but subject to the grace period of the sentence
  • Those subject to the cancellation of qualification of traffic safety administrator, and 2 years have not passed from the date of its enforcement